Sunday, October 12, 2008

Makes Me Want To Puke

Just because I got tired of trying to remember my password, I will take my griping here.

Eric's ex-wife got a powder puff interview and while the reporter openly admits she is pretty much just editing Erin's words, it still makes me sick.

You can read the piece of crap here.

My thoughts are, we heard this story before. It was the one the prosecution tried to use to send Eric to jail for murder one.

I know Eric and his family. I also am not aware of this "Crossbow" arrest in the early 90's. Eric is human as we all are and no one who is his friend is going to say he is perfect, but this whole article has already been refuted by the testimony in court.

Take whatever side you will, but THINK people. The only reason Erin is speaking out is because she got caught with the boys, the fact that she denied Eric any contact with his children should bring the first bit of doubt to your mind. As far as her kids being afraid of Eric, jeeze, I wonder what SHE told THEM about ERIC?

I also find it amazing she is all for an open marriage, but when Eric supposedly tells her he is thinking of getting involved with her friend, that's not cool to her.

Also, as far as being glad to hear HER side of the story, well if she hadn't run both before and during the trial, you might have had a chance. Seems like she would have wanted to make sure the "Truth" came out, but I guess not since she never testified.

Of course, she would have been cross examined and had her lies exposed.

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