Friday, October 31, 2008

Home With THE WIFE

THE WIFE is feeling ill today so I am burning a sick day and staying home with her. She is on the phone so I am running to the computer to feed my online addiction.

I am plotting what to do for Halloween. I figure a big fat guy in a mask running at a kid with a weed wacker or something will scare the crap out of the little rugrats. We'll see. The front yard is a graveyard again (literally). It isn't so bad except for when Google Maps did their "Street View," we have a graveyard in our front yard.

Check it out!

Note the gravestones!

So anyway, some confusion.

Also, on a side note, some folks have asked THE WIFE why there is no link to her blog anymore. She has decided not to blog anymore because she doesn't care for everyone in the universe peeking in on her thoughts. Unfortunately I don't generate much traffic outside friends and family but I do get the occasional WACKO who does a drive by. So if you wish to know what is up with THE WIFE, you will have to contact her directly.

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