Friday, October 10, 2008

Good News For Ben

Well I am pleased to say all the pain we went through last year has paid off. Ben brought home all A's on this report card. In addition he also has an "Excellent" in "Respectful" on his behavior.

Wow, hard to believe the "Teacher with 22 years of experience" had so much trouble with him.

I know it isn't right to hold such hatred anger a strong dislike for his old teacher. I should share in our joy. I believe I will fax a copy of his report card to the principal, the old witch his old teacher and the doctors associated with LISD.

Perhaps LISD should look a little more closely into what the problem was last year. I really wish they would, before it happens to another kid.


Justin said...

There's a sure-fire way to get it looked at and changed... once in a while the MSM is good for something...

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

Yay for A's! I just wish my 13 yr old would bring some home.