Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What To Say?

I haven't written much this week (or last week). I have actually been fairly busy with the new job. So far I am extremely happy. I have spent quite a bit of time wrapping up work from my old job, but the light at the end of the tunnel is there.

Eric's trial has gone to the jury. THE WIFE and I have followed it as close as we could and talked quite a bit with Eric's dad. I just want them to know we care (and I hope I haven't been a nuisance rather than a help).

So we wait.

Other than that I want to share an observation from a Lab Rat. I wasn't planning to trying anything, but an old friend told me she had read my blog and it had made her laugh.

I enjoy making people laugh. There is too much to be angry/sad/upset about. I would like to provide a little relief for my tens of readers.

So anyway... The observation. I am on a conference call with my boss, several people from my old company, a big wig from my old company and the customer. The customer is talking about how this particular problem they are having isn't a big deal, etc... My boss looks at me and says, "We are going to have to correct this." I agree so I, as politically as I can, explain that the situation is OK for now, but we definitely don't want it to get any worse as the particular problem they are having could crash the phone system if it got worse.

There is some more discussion and the conversation ends. I then get a call from the big wig who is trying to explain why he kind of talked over me (I honestly hadn't noticed). Turns out they are trying to make the situation seem better than it is. I pointed out I just wanted to make sure the customer wasn't completely caught by surprise IF the phone system crashed.

So anyway, nice to know I am still stepping on toes everywhere I go.


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