Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Strange Things That Pop Into My Head

I wake up this morning with the following dialog in my head...

Dude 1 (sniffing a jar of Jam):"Mmmmmm. Nice, good aroma."
Dude 2: "HA! So what are you, some kind of Jam connoisseur?"
Dude 1:"No, actually it is quite simple smell this and tell me what you smell."
Dude 2 (sniffs the jar): "OK. Blackberries."
Dude 1:"Go on... You are getting there."
Dude 2:"Uhhhhh. Smells sweet, juicy, delicious."
Dude 1: "Very good. Now, try this one."
Dude 2 (sniffs the jar): "WOAH! Dude! That smells like poop!"
Dude 1: "Exactly, so don't eat it."

I think I need a vacation...

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