Friday, September 26, 2008

Mister Mechanic's Great Adventure

I am home fighting a problem with the engine in our van today. Called into work and let my boss in on the bad news, he was understanding (thanks boss). As far as working on the van, all I can say is AutoZone will get my money from here on out.

The engine was missing and generally running rough and the "Service Engine Soon" idiot light was on. AutoZone came out and printed out the code breakouts while I waited. Checked for parts availability etc.. NICE.

Codes indicated misfiring on cylinder number 4 as well as a problem reported from the Knock Sensor. I did a little bit of googling of the problem and most likely fixes. I have now performed a tune up (plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotary button) as well as added fuel injector cleaner.

Still missing but it seems MUCH better. Most of the internet agrees the Knock sensor is a by product of the miss and not the other was round (thank God because the Knock Sensor is $130 and you have to take the intake off the engine to get to it.

So since I am away from the computer, I leave this bit of musical theft for you to mull over.

First up Pink, "You and Your Hand"...(I refuse to do the stupid spelling).

Now, The Veronicas, "Forever"


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Da Jó§eßò¥ said...

Dear H,
Two words "Kia Borrego"

(I guess I typed 6 words)

I am glad everything worked out!