Saturday, September 06, 2008

Maybe I Should Read Instead?

You know, I have looked back over some of my incoherent ramblings when emotion has struck me to action and I have attempted to write thought provoking and emotional posts.

Further study indicates I suck at long writing... Stick to potty humor and innuendo.

Specific examples of this malady are when I attempted to convey outrage at Eric's situation.I must get in the habit of writing my post out when I am caught up in the moment and the EDITING them prior to posting. Feeling passionately about something doesn't come across if the argument doesn't make sense outside your head.

This is why when I try to write real stories (other than 100 word ones) I wind up HATING them so badly I scrap the project rather than doing a decent editing job to make sense of the mess. Oh well, live and learn. That is my whole point behind blogging, to increase my writing skillset.

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