Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eric's Jury Verdict - Reckless Homicide

We have all been sweating it out and worried sick over this but finally the first stage is over. Eric's Jury returned a guilty verdict of Reckless Homicide. This means they found him NOT GUILTY on Murder 1, Murder 2 and Voluntary Manslughter. Knowing Eric and hearing what happened, I completely and totally believed him, but we were concerned a Jury wouldn't.

Looks like his sentencing will be in October November. I don't want to celebrate because Sean Powell is still dead and he will never come back, but I thank God this wasn't trurned into a further tragedy by sending Eric to jail for life for a tragic accident. I repeat AN ACCIDENT!

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Now, Eric and his family can move on to finding Eric's children and making sure THEY are OK.

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