Friday, August 15, 2008

What Is Wrong With These People?

So anyway, here at PHONECO in the Training Center one of the PBXs I work on is being used to simulate a Central Office for trunks for a smaller PBX. It seems that every couple of months I get contacted to come over and reprogram the way the calls route through OUR PBX. This is because they keep having some other engineer go over and change programming periodically.

WHY???? (I scream into the night.)

Jeeze folks, we get it right, then you decide you want it changed, then you have someone else come in and program it and DO NOT document how it works now. THEN YOU FORGET WHAT YOU HAD CHANGED!!!!

Next comes the email that something needs to BE CHANGED RIGHT THIS MINUTE BECAUSE WE HAVE A CLASS NEXT WEEK!!!!!

Poor planning...

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