Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open Letter To Spammers

First off, I am a happily married man. I am not interested in meeting "Singles in my area."

Secondly, I DEFINITELY DO NOT want to hook up with "Hot married women who are looking for a fling."

Do you people have any idea how much a divorce costs? Or that in Texas you can legally pack heat? I don't want to be shot.

No more spam please.

That is all.


The Unstable Blogger said...

Oy I hate that spam crap...especially the really bad spam that isnt even written properly "me want meet for tonight" ...ummmm go play in the freeway.

Want to "rock my world"? Go clean my house so I dont have to, ya asshat.

And yes, dee-vorce is 'spensive especially since you have the chilluns to support. You'd get to hear fun words like "half" and "20% of net" hahahaha Actually more since you've got more than one kid.

ahhhh good times :) She cant shoot to kill though... unless you have good insurance. Just shoot to hurt ya... LOL

Justin said...

Random thought:

How awkward would it be if you decided to hook up with "Hot married women who are looking for a fling" and when you did, it turned out to be THE WIFE.

Not that THE WIFE would do that sort of thing of course...