Monday, August 18, 2008

Danger - Pity Party Ahead

You know it really sucks to work hard and try to get ahead as a technical person. When you work hard and are dependable what happens is you get screwed over by management types.

Case in point, as you all know I am taking another job within PHONECO. This is a good thing as I am not happy with the way things are set up now which is way too much travel for the same amount of money I was making when I didn't have to travel all the time. I have to point out we have steadily had more and more shoved off on us for the same amount of money due to "Downsizing." We are bitter because there are lots of VPs, Directors and Managers getting promoted on a consistent basis while the geeks can't get a cost of living adjustment (but I digress). The bad thing about my new job is I am retaining some of the things I was assigned to anyway because now they will lack the resources to take care of what they have commited to when they had me on board. So basically they will subcontract out my new position to handle this old stuff.


So once I touch it, it's mine forever? I am THE ONLY PERSON at PHONECO who can do what I do.

ALABAMA people! I need to ask for an obscene amount of money because evidently I am the only person in the world who can hold this company together.

How much should I hit them up for?

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