Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So Confused

Good thing I am not tech support anymore. I am working from home because THE WIFE is very ill (probably food poisoning but if you would like details call me) and I am listening to my darling Lucie SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF because she wants to spend the day without clothes, living in her underwear only.

Stuff like this was awkward to explain when I had a tech with a major problem on the line. Fortunately for me right now I am waiting on a couple of Statement of Works to be sent down for me and another guy to look over. I don't have to worry about the phone until 2PM today.

Heck by then maybe I'll have a few beers in me... (Kidding, just kidding)

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The Unstable Blogger said...

Wow, I thought that maybe when I left Software Company X a couple of years ago, I'd never have to hear the words "STATEMENT OF WORK" ever again. Thank you for this trip down memory lane. hahahha

I wrote them for many years. I spent hours and hours and hours on stupid calls with legal/contracts depts arguing about really stupid crap -- "define 'scope'" --- oy

Deliverables vs tasks vs scope vs statistically amazing amounts of unintelligent people in one place at one time. Ahhh yes, good times.

And now... I'm a gubment employee. In other words, I'm pretty freakin worthless and getting paid for it. I have to really tone down any modicum of competence I have or it gets me into trouble.

Frustrated much? noooooo,not moi. :)