Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I May Kill Soon

I have been working from home so the van is available for THE WIFE to drive. This is OK except for I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND WITH BOREDOM.

But hey, better here than at work I guess.

This afternoon she took the kids out and had to run back by so Lucie could hit the potty. Christopher rang the doorbell obnoxiously because I couldn't hear him knock because I had headphones on watching "The Car" on Hulu. I let him in and told the dogs to be quiet as they were going nuts.

Chris thought it would be funny on his way out to ring the door bell obnoxiously several times. This was annoying as the dogs went crazy. What made it worse was I almost had the moron dogs quiet again when he ran back up to the door and rang the bell several times again.

I yelled a bad bad bad phrase.

He then thought it would be funny to send me a BUNCH of text messages to my phone so I have to stop what I am doing to see what the message is because it might be something from THE WIFE. But no...

So the dogs finally stopped barking except for Dozer who feels the need to yelp every time I feel my chest pains easing off. It is similar to a smoke detector that needs it's battery changed.

I am going to shove a "D" cell into a certain area of the dog if he does not keep quiet.

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