Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not Happy

OK sorry to be a complainer. I am on vacation and I am using my blackberry as a bluetooth modem to access the web (crappy but better than blogging via blackberry, trust me).

I was really wanting to just have the re-org take place and get on with life, now the more I hear about my NEW job, the less happy I am.

I am sick and freakin' tired of busting my butt to get handed more responsibility and a hearty "Thank you" from the company. No more cash, more responsibility and now (from all accounts I hear) more travel.

I have five children and I am at the point where I am not very interested in traveling more. I don't want a divorce to be frank.

I was working tech support where at least I could usually be home after 5. Could occasionally work from the house (although for some reason management is terrified we won't actually work despite being able to monitor what we do at any point in the day). Travel had to happen occasionally, but not often. Word is now, the guys doing tech support will not be doing ANY traveling unless EVERYONE in my department is out.

Thanks... I don't want to seem non appreciative, but I am not. My Dad was on the road non stop for a long time and I saw firsthand what it did to my family. It takes a LOT of work to keep things together.

Good news is my headhunter is still interested, and after reading the job description, I am too. Possibility of working for a company with even more name recognition than the one I work for now (and I don't mean the fictitious PHONECO INC.), working from home providing support on a new computer.

Definitely interested at this point.


The Unstable Blogger said...

I hear ya...I travelled for a very long time and it SUCKS. Anyone who says "oh wow, traveling must be really great" should be b-slapped cuz there is nothing 'great' about it.

I missed way too much with my kids and it wore me out. Delays, living out of a hotel and the ever-so-pleasant travelers ya run into every single freakin trip get old QUICK.

I am in IT and here in Dallas. If you want any more recruiter names, etc let me know (contact me thru my blog).

Gosh, I've just been full of sunshine lately. I'm really not this bitchy all the time haha

Houston said...

Thanks my unstable friend I may very well take you up on that, we'll see how the next few weeks go. As I whined earlier trip number 1 has me in Nevada where the temp today was around 115... EEEEK.

The good point is my boss has to be there the week before, so I have some consolation.

I'll have to talk to you real time some time so we can share background info.

You can email me at houstonkeys (at)

The Unstable Blogger said...

sure thing... you can get me at unstableblogger (at) yahoo dot com

I have many a horrific travel tale to tell and even a few good customer stupidity tales. :) Not that customers are *EVER* wrong. Of course they arent. They also NEVER just give a consultant their root password either...or do they? Yeah buddy they do. True story, my fellow IT friend.

Houston said...

Anyone who gives away their root password (or uses password for that matter) deserves anything they get.

As a matter of fact I would volunteer to reload their server just to let someone crash it again for that instance of stupidity.