Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Am A NINJA, Silent, But Deadly!

I just didn't know it.

Got an email from a guy in our testing group on a problem I wrote up. He told me he couldn't get into the PBX because it had a password. I checked, sure enough, I forgot to include the password. I added the info and sent it back to him.

I then get an email that the password was not correct as it didn't work.

I check my note, call the tech ask another engineer. Three guys, same answer.

I reload the database and verify the password works on my PBX. I email him back, tell him I have verified it and run through the procedures I am using to log in.

It still doesn't work for him.

So I am now removing the password and sending him another backup without the password. What makes this ESPECIALLY annoying is this is the PBX I hardly ever work on, (barely can make it work actually) so I have to read the book on EVERYTHING I DO!

Guess that is too hard for Engineering Level support to do.

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