Monday, June 09, 2008

Cat And Military Obsession

I am trying to figure out, do I obsess over cats, or the military more? Based on the following IM exchange with THE WIFE, I am not sure.

(11:24:53 AM) THE WIFE: 'Lucie's officer just sent her down here to find Boo, because they need to promote her.
(11:25:10 AM) Houston: HA
(11:25:13 AM) Houston: that is funny
(11:26:03 AM) THE WIFE: Well, I was just trying to figure out why they were looking for all of the cats. They are going to promote them one by one, so apparently one is getting out the door each time they find the last one.
(11:26:23 AM) Houston: wow
(11:26:28 AM) Houston: what a ceremony
(11:27:12 AM) THE WIFE: I just heard Lucie ask "Hey, did you say dat I am a wootenant?"

Perhaps we need to get out more?

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