Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Worries Of A Three Year Old

Last night I was getting ready to put Lucie to bed and since she still sleeps in a diaper I was helping her change.

"Oh hang on Honey," I say in my non-threatening Dad way. "I need to use a wipe on you before you put on the diaper."

Lucie looks up at me with big blue eyes of pure trust and innocence. "Why, Daddy? What's Wrong?"

"Nothing, Sweetheart. You just have a little something I need to clean."

"What, Daddy? What is it?" Now she is starting to look worried.

"Nothing, Sweetie, I just need to get this."

"What is it, Daddy? Do I have a MONSTER on my bottom?"


Really folks. You can't make this stuff up?

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