Thursday, May 15, 2008

Princess / Terrorist

I have been a victim of a plot by my children to drive me insane. My two sweet, precious little girls are systematically teaming up to destroy my home and sanity.

Last night I hear Dozer barking like he does when he is playing rough with Sato. Sato is howling the "Help me, I don't want to play like this" howl. I turn around to discover Sadie has Sato by his hind legs swinging him in a circle as she spins around. Every time poor Sato swings over Dozer's head he is barking trying to intimidate poor Sato. All poor Sato can do is cry for help as the world flashes by.

I managed to save him from "Death By Love."

A little later THE WIFE accidentally knocks a wall decoration down. This is about a four foot piece of ironwork. Nothing too bad so I go to the garage to grab a couple of screws and by the time I get back (approximately 30 seconds later) the two girls have teamed up and a team carrying the ironwork across the living room to an undisclosed location.

Dad comes unglued.

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