Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Rant

While I am on a tear, during the chaos surrounding the hospital cut this weekend, I had a conversation with someone who shall remain nameless here at PhoneCo. He was quite angry that he was "Gonna have to work tomorrow," (Saturday) he guessed.

I don't know why this aggravated me so badly. Maybe it had to do with the fact we had a meeting with the Big Boss where he emphasized how important it was to hit our numbers this year. This was emphasized by the Big Big Boss being there.

I thought to myself, here is an opportunity to shine, the kind of thing that gets brought up in company-wide meetings as a success story, rescuing a down hospital and restoring them to service, retaining a customer, keeping a competitor at bay AND making some money in the process.

Perhaps I am mistaken in my analysis. I would like to keep the doors to PhoneCo open a while longer. If it takes an occasional late night or weekend day, well that is a small price to pay to provide for my family.

BTW... Backup completed, modifying the database and running additional list ups. And no, I did not post this as a scheduled post, it really is taking this long.

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