Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just saw this on the Ranger's website.

I find it very hard to believe that Daniels and Ryan are disappointed or surprised that the Rangers are doing as poorly as they are at the beginning of this season. They have lost all the bright spots on the team because they were unwilling to pay out the money or unable to convey a feeling they were REALLY turning the team around in the next year or two. Gagne, Texiera, Matthews, Soriano, Pudge, and the list goes on of people who are having results with other teams. The one bright spot is A-Rod has struggled with the hated Yankees, but he was EXTREMELY overpaid to begin with as ONE PLAYER can't carry a whole team.

Basically the Rangers are a Major League farm team. The team standout Michael Young would be considered "Pretty Good" anywhere else. He is a star here because the rest of the team SUCKS. I am going to barf if I have to hear about what a great job Hank Blalock is doing (Christopher loves to watch him play for some reason), the dude is a strikeout machine.

I am about to take the option I took with the Cowboys when they weren't serious about winning and pull for WHATEVER team plays against them (Yankees included).

Tom Hicks, get out of the way and let your team get fixed.

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