Monday, April 21, 2008

The Stupidity Of Others

So we are not fighting the school anymore (thank you God) but we requested they send his records within five (5) business days. They arrived today, via regular mail.

Don't get me wrong. Faith in humanity is a great thing, but if you had a REALLY P-O'd set of parents who had already used the word "Attorney" (I will be sure to use the phrase "Under advice of counsel" the next time I speak with them) you would THINK they would want to avoid screwing up and giving said P-O'd parents the ability to say "I never got it" and sending the stuff via registered mail.

But. Oh well. I shall have my revenge in a good and LEGAL fashion.

Until then, I submit a kitty to keep my spirits up!

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Dianne said...

I know that cat! :)

I can't believe how impossible that school has been, even about sending you records.

I'm so sorry you guys have been going through this.

Houston said...

Thanks Dianne. Ben being home schooled now is much better, so in the end I think it will work out.

And IT will get IT's just rewards.