Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soapbox Time

(Gets soapbox, sits it on the ground and stands upon it.)

OK, I am sick and STINKIN' TIRED of shoveling paperwork for nimrods. Apparently all you have to do in the world if you are too dumb to be successful is to create enough paperwork to hide how inept you are. If you have enough paperwork, no one can prove you don't know anything, because nothing gets done except paperwork. If you make the rules for the paperwork, no one can say you are inept.

I am so over it. All I want to do is FIX STUFF! Who cares about the paperwork.

Furthermore, apparently if you make the rules about the paperwork, you don't have to follow the rules either.

(Gets down off the soapbox and walks off.)

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