Wednesday, April 02, 2008


OK, so I am joining in the fight against Walter and Johnson who Plagarized Pilgrim over at Say Anything Blog.

Apparently these two dimwits took a post from pilgrim and read it verbatim over the air. This wouldn't have been too big a deal except when it was pointed out to them that they had "Borrowed" the piece, they responded with profanities and insults. You can read the back story here and here (PROFANITY WARNING FROM THE WALTER AND JOHNSON RESPONSES!).

Jay Tea at WizBang Blog picked up the story and ran with it here and here.

Laurence has jumped into the fray since he sits in Saturday mornings on the High Tech Texan show. He might have to sit out since the radio station supports these guys.

Fortunately Lair provided a link to email the radio station's AM Operations Manager so we can express how we feel about the situation (which I promptly took advantage of).

Here is what I wrote:

Dear Mr. Berry,

As a Dallas resident who listens to your radio station over the internet I find it very disturbing that radio talent which your radio station uses has stolen the content of Say Anything Blog (

While this may or may not have been inadvertent, the response from Walton and Johnson has been an insult to all bloggers (many of whom make up your listening audience). Their response in part was:

"We answer 300 emails per day....sometimes you don’t get to cross all of the T’s and dot all of the I’s.... Sorry I answered this on at all. This kind of rudeness deserves no reply. So don’t bother sending anything back. We don’t plagiarize anything. PS **** off."

I respectfully ask you to consider whether your advertisers would be best served by talent which would encourage people in the online community to listen, rather than these small minded plagiarists.

Thank you for you time.

Houston Keys

We'll see what happens.

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Justin said...

Walton and Johnson are a bunch of pompous assholes that think too much of themselves. I listened to their show for a while then got tired of their stupidity.