Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well things came to head yesterday with IT. I got a call from my 11 year old telling me IT had gotten into Ben's face and was yelling at him because Ben wouldn't do what IT said. He had run up to the van with THE WIFE inside and told her she needed to get over there.

THE WIFE navigated the sea of stupidity which is a school zone during kid pickup and got over during the yelling match between IT and Ben. IT was trying to keep Ben from leaving (which is a good thing because IT had him so upset he probably would have walked right out into traffic). THE WIFE asked what was going on and tried to get Ben to answer her with IT chiming in left and right. Finally THE WIFE had enough and told IT that IT needed to get out of people's faces.

IT didn't like that.

IT then got into the face of THE WIFE and yelled at her then spun to walk away. THE WIFE grabbed at her, but fortunately for IT, she wasn't able to get a good hold of her.

So Ben will be home schooled now. We have been trying to decide whether to do it or not, but this is the final straw. I spoke with the principal yesterday who assured me he was having a staff meeting and would call me with some plan of action for what to do with Ben.

Nope, WAY too little, WAAAAAAYYYYY too late.

I'll talk with him this afternoon, but THE WIFE will be sending out the letter notifying them we will be homeschooling Ben later today. Furthermore, I fully intend to follow up with the district as Ben has been undergoing nothing short of torture from this IT which refuses to acknowledge he has a disability. I realize not everything is a result of his disability, but we can't find out what is because IT treated everything as a behavior problem.

I look from my sons to be much happier. Ben because he doesn't have to deal with IT again and Chris because he doesn't have to watch his brother get bullied anymore.

My biggest regret is I gave the system a chance and made my son go through so much crap instead of being a raging jerk and demanding the world. It is my first go at being an advocate though.

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Wonder Woman said...

I would just like to point out that I didn't not get a good hold on her, I just had enough sense to know that I didn't want to go to jail, and that I had better let her go.