Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The End?

Tech calls in for support and the call goes something like this.

Me - Tech support can I help you?

Tech - Yeah, I'm installing a Spektralink wireless system on my PHONECO PBX.

Me - OK.

Tech - How do I do it?

Me - What do you mean?

Tech - How do I install this Spektralink wireless on my PHONECO PBX?

Me - I don't know. i don't work on Spektralink and I am not familiar with what they need. Did they give you any information about how they need the PHONECO PBX set up?

Tech - No. I just know they need digital ports.

Me- That's odd. Are you sure they don't need analog ports.

Tech - Not really. Do I need to set up a certain key pattern on those digital ports.

Me - I don't know. Like I said I work on the PHONECO PBX, not Spektralink. I need more information so I can help you.

Tech - Me too. I just have to put this thing in. So do you have any information?

Me - (Sound of gun cocking and a single shot, followed by the thud of a body hitting the floor).

Tech - Hey tech support, do you maybe have a "Cheat Sheet?" Hello? Hello?

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