Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ball Player, Or Toy Maker?

I saw this disturbing stat online today while trying to figure out why the Rangers are bellyaching about not having enough money to increase their payroll...

Apparently Milton Bradley has hurt his knee and was stuck with DH duties for the first two games. Granted he got two at bats, but do you REALLY want a guy with a .000 average doing ANY designated hitting?

But I digress. Looks like the Rangers have a salary of $68,818,675 as found here which ranks them 21st out of 30 teams. Compare that with the Yankees who are spending $195,229,045.


It also appears Kevin Millwood leads the salary range with a 9.8 Million dollar followed by Vicente Padilla who makes a cool 9 million. What bothers me is Ian Kinsler who is a pretty good second baseman gets $390,708. Only nine guys make over a million.

(Sigh) Yep Tom Hicks... Obviously you are REALLY HURTING... REAL BAD!

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Hey, why are you giving Milton Bradley crap? Isn't he just so wondeful for giving us all those board games? He deserves a break.

Okay, sorry, I'm too late as per usual and now you must suffer my humor, such as it is, at this hour!