Monday, March 03, 2008

There Is No Justice

I have been so angry all day today I have felt like I am the verge of a stroke. My head is physically pounding right now I am still so mad.

Last Friday Ben's teacher sent an email telling us he didn't do hi homework and he had to walk the fence for 15 minutes each day. Ben told us he didn't walk the fence and we KNEW he had done his homework every night except Thursday night. We emailed back and told her as much. I also copied my wife and asked her to do a reply to all so THE WIFE could be in the loop.

She did NOT reply to all and after several emails where I was trying to figure out what was supposed to happen based on the ARD she had last week. Finally we got an email back from the teacher who said she had to go on what Ben said because he told her he hadn't done the work and that she didn't know what she could do to make us realize he was interacting fine with his peers and he was happy.

That is CRAP!

Anyone who watches Ben know he wants to hang out with his peers but they usually tolerate him at best. We finally had an epiphany tonight and realized the problem is she is not ASKING him questions she is TELLING him things and he is agreeing with her because if he doesn't he is "Making excuses" or "Talking back." We discovered this when she said she was "Proud" of him because he was no longer "Making excuses" and was trying to put real effort into his work.

So my poor son who I have put through 2 thirds of a year of crap with this old bat while we wait for LISD to finally get around to giving us the evaluation we already knew. I now know he just isn't fighting back anymore, not that he is "Adjusting."

I don't know who I hate more, her for doing this or me for letting her do it.

I'm sorry Ben.

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Justin said...

I must say that I admire your patience. I probably would have beaten the crap out of a few people by now if I were in your shoes.