Monday, March 31, 2008

My Sweet Innocent Children

THE WIFE IM'd me and let me know one of the girls had picked up a habit from me. The transaction went like this:

(11:26:35 AM) THE WIFE: OK. Your daughter has picked up another one from you. She just didn't get it quite right.
(11:27:02 AM) Houston: what is that
(11:27:08 AM) THE WIFE: She just walked through here, hit her foot, stubbed her toe and yelled "Son of fish sticks!!!"
(11:27:32 AM) Houston: that's what I ALWAYS yell!
(11:28:03 AM) THE WIFE: tell me that you didn't just about fall over when you read that.
(11:28:12 AM) Houston: yes
(11:28:16 AM) Houston: maybe a little
(11:31:09 AM) THE WIFE: Yeah, I about peed my pants myself. Before I even said anything she looked at me and said "Sorry Momma". I probably wouldn't have even really paid attention if she didn't apologize because she knew that she had just said a dirty word... LOL
(11:32:48 AM) THE WIFE: Too bad you have such a potty mouth...
(11:33:56 AM) Houston: yes I know



Houston said...



by the way, my Mother uses Lucie's new turn of phrase...finds it quite handy...