Thursday, March 13, 2008

Morning Lunchbags!

OK, so my two younger boys usually take their lunch to school and I take my lunch to work. The boys use the Brown-Paper-Bag method of transportation, so to spice up their lives THE WIFE suggested I draw on the bags to give them some character. Since the oldest boy is griping about me whining on my blog about Microsoft (and I like to have pictures and video on here anyway), I decided to include pictures of some of the bags.

Maybe I will occasionally make a funny one everyone will enjoy. Here are today's selections;

I WILL take requests, so send in suggestions in the comments and (provided you won't get my kids in trouble) you might see your idea on brown paper!



Your lunchbag art rocks!

Wonder Woman said...

I keep saying that we are sitting on a fortune. If folks will pay for sandwich bags with the incredibles on them, then you have got it made with a lunch bag line... Remember the remote for the mobile???