Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Microsoft Certification Path

OK, so I have been giving this some thought. As I have complained about, I am going through an MCSE boot camp and while it has been extremely helpful, it is not all encompassing. What I mean is, I won't be going out and plunking down the cash for 7 tests at $125 each.


The good news is, I get two chances before I have to start paying. I think the process I will follow is this...

Take 70-631 on Sharepoint 3.0. This will get me my MCP number (so Microsoft realizes I exist) and give me MCTS status on WSS. This way, my boss can see forward action.

Next... Study, study, study and take the following tests:
(Core Tests)
70-290 Managing and Maintaining Server 2003
70-291 Implementing and Managing Server 2003 Network Infastructure

(Client Test)
70-270 Installing Configuring and administering Windows XP

I will already have an elective (WSS) out of the way, that will get me my MCSA. Of course, I might take the 70-620 which is for Vista as it will serve me more in the long run, but I have the data for XP.

After that I have to study, study, study and take the following exams:

70-293 Planning a Server 2003 Network Infastructure
70-294 Planning Implementing and Maintaining Server 2003 Active Directory Infastructure
70-297 Designing a Server 2003 Active Directory Infastructure

That will result in an MCSE... But man, those tests are bears (at least from where I am now). We'll see where it all winds up, but at least I feel a little better with a plan for going forward. I always do better with short achieveable goals to work toward.

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You should not be on the net during class...