Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Adventures Of Ben

Ben's teacher has a new name as far as I am concerned... IT.

I call IT this because I am so angry I do not ever want to speak her name again.

Last night Ben told me he had to stay in from recess to finish his spelling. This wouldn't be such a huge deal except I keep getting reports from IT that Ben is happy and well adjusted and everything is fine why do I worry? He was also told by IT that he would be sent to the principal's office. This confused us and set off alarm bells because it reeked of a setup.

Amazing that when IT couldn't get him to co-operate in class he went IMMEDIATELY to the disciplinary class. Now that he has been diagnosted as Autistic, he can only seem to go and do work during recess. I think it has to do with me making a big deal out of it because I keep telling IT he needs "Social skills" and he gets that at recess... but I digress.

So I ran by Ben's school this morning to find out who I need to talk to in order to get him into another school next year. I was referred to the district which is OK by me, my main goal it to make sure he gets into a place where he can get SOME assistance. (Just to keep everyone in the loop, the ONLY modification they have held to is to allow him to take TAKS in a small group. Everything else was just blown over.

THE WIFE stopped by a little later to drop off Christopher's lunch bag only to see Ben in the principal's office. She stopped and asked the Principal what was up and was told he didn't do his homework last night and wasn't writing his spelling, so IT sent him there.

THE WIFE insisted he had done his homework last night (obviously the alarm bells paid off) and proceeded to dig through his folder. The work wasn't right on top, but it was in there. Obviously he couldn't find it, so rather than helping him she sent him straight to the principal's office. The issue with the spelling was IT wanted to him to write his spelling words in cursive, and he printed them.

The principal seemed a little embarrassed, and was more confused when we talked to him and told him Ben was supposed to be working on cursive handwriting with the occupational therapist. He even admitted it was obvious Ben was struggling with the handwriting.

So I sent out an email telling the staff I wanted an ARD scheduled so we could address these issues.

I. Am. So. Angry.


Justin said...

So I take it when I hear about some parent shooting up a Dallas-area school because of the incompetent staff it'll be you?

Seriously dude, I don't know how you haven't...

Dianne said...

You should be angry!

Sounds like "IT" doesn't really want to teach as much as "IT" wants to institute rules and dole out punishments.

I hope your meeting goes well. Ben, and all children, deserve a happy place to learn and be themselves.