Wednesday, February 20, 2008

About to Go On A Rampage

My wife calls upset this morning. Jennifer is telling Ben he has to work fast today and get caught up with all his work. Ben tells us a particular teacher can make him work "Really fast." Jen is obviously interested in the method used as no one at the school has been able to get him to work.

"She kicks me," he says.

"What???" my wife asks.

So here is what we have gotten from him, he sits on the floor in the room when he has to leave the classroom to go to the TU teacher's class. He uses a board to write on and the teacher nudges him in the side with her foot when he gets off task and reminds him to work.

So the thing which is making us go ballistic is the fact we have been telling ALL of them for a year and a half he is an Asperger's kid. Last week the LISD autism team announced... Wait for it... Wait for it...

He's AUTISTIC! (insert trumpet blast)

So now we have to wait until Monday for his ARD (meeting to determine how to best educate him), we STILL have not gotten the report which states the findings of the Autism team, my wife was NOT allowed to record the meeting and I cannot attend Monday. Ben is also dealing with the stress of losing someone he had looked up to as an aunt.

So for now we wait and hope they don't damage his self esteem too badly while the school district twiddles their thumbs. Yesterday Jennifer heard him outside beating on something with a stick trying to get the stress out.

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