Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank God I Decided To Wear Nice Underwear!

OK, so I have started my new job (which is basically my old job) and I had to take the morning off to get my physical done because I am switching doctors.

I dig my new Doctor, she is a straight shooter who took the time to explain everything (very nice). Things went kind of slow because she spent sooooo much time with me (also nice, I dig the attention). I am quite happy to not be a number and a nuisance to my doc.

Although, once it came time for the old turn and cough it was a little awkward as since she is a SHE, she had to get a nurse to stand with us (so I couldn't come back and say something improper happened).

Of course this leads to trauma because now not only did I have to drop trou in front of one woman who I hardly know I now had to do it in front of TWO WOMEN I HARDLY KNOW!.

OK, so let's just say it wasn't how I imagined it when I was a teenager. I started to ask her to just invite the whole dang staff in, but then I was afraid they might. I survived.

Thank God I decided to wear nice underwear today! Could have been embarrassing, not only to drop trou, but to then have some mangled piece of cloth around my ankles.


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Justin said...

What would have really been embarrassing if you'd dropped trow and they'd said "Awww! Look how small it is!"