Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Job

OK, for those of you keeping track (all three of you), I have taken a new position within the same company. Basically I do the same job, just now my emphasis is on VOIP and the software based PBX instead of the older TDM based proprietary OS systems.

So with that in mind, here is a list of things I have learned in the new support group so far;

1 - When meeting potential customers, "Nanoo Nanoo," is NOT a proper greeting.

2 - Pants are NOT optional.

3 - When shooting rubber bands my new boss DOES mind if I use his forehead for band shots.

4 - I do not work for "Tha Man."

and finally...

5 - A sock puppet does not count as "consulting a peer."


Anonymous said...

So does this new position come with knee pads or do you need to supply them yourself?

nikki said...

Pants are not optional?!?!? Well hell. How about shirts?

J. Kevin Tumlinson said...

Ditch the rubber bands and go with Nerf guns. They work better in a "pants are not optional" workplace. Don't ask me why.

By the way, did you mean "bank shot" instead of "band shot?" I've actually just adopted "band shot" into my nifty new vocabulary, and I going to say it means "pants free."

Houston said...

I like "Band Shot" too. I thought about correcting myself after you pointed it out, but HEY, if I MEANT to do it, that might be a sign of genius right???? (Please say yes)

And to "Anonymous," of course I have to supply my own, you know the kind of budget my department has.