Monday, January 21, 2008

Foul Mood

OK, so no funny at the moment. Sorry.

This weekend our church added a homosexual family as members to the congregation. My wife and I feel very strongly about God's teachings and we have come to the decision we cannot continue on in our church, so after five years (going on six) we will be resigning our membership and changing churches.

The problem we have is with extending membership to people who are living in an ongoing state of sin with no plans to change. The church's stance is to offer them membership to allow them to grow in God's love and learn his teachings in the hope they will follow a Godly path.

The problem is, why change if there is no incentive? They are in a committed relationship and have an adopted child so there are NO plans to change. Offering membership is equivalent to accepting their lifestyle. Unfortunately once you start bending on one thing, it won't be long before you do on others.

I am sure many of my friends will be shocked and probably angry. I fully expect arguments of discrimination and insensitivity, but I have to follow what is right in God's eyes, not the eyes of my friends.

On top of this I show up to work and find the same apathy circle I have dealt with for a while now (people seeing things wrong and not caring because it is not "Their job" to care).

All in all, I just feel a little depressed. Sorry. Hopefully funny stuff will happen that I can share.


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

While I totally disagree with you on this, I completely support your right to say what you feel and find a place that fits with your beliefs. Everyone deserves to find a place to worship their God, and luckily for both you and the new family there are so many options out there for every different person.

Houston said...

Thanks Jenny. I understand why you disagree and appreciate the comments.

Justin said...

Jenny said it so much better than I ever could have. Again.