Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sad, So Sad.

OK, well although many interesting things are happening in my life, I have not spent the time to write about them. I am sorry (to both of my loyal readers).

Right now I am pondering a ticket from someone in our organization which is stating he is not going to troubleshoot the problem we asked him to troubleshoot, instead he wants us to open a bug report.

"OK," I think "What's the bug smart guy?"

There is a reason the company I work for is layered in such a way that not everyone gets to open bug reports (mainly to keep the developers from being buried under a crapload of bad programming which has been deemed a "BUG" by a moron who can't program, but I digress).

Of course, I have adopted the attitude now of, well, since we work for the same company, I will treat you like any co-worker who I think is full of crap, and I will tell you so.

You're so smart, you open the report.

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