Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kos Insanity

OK, so I see on Digg a link to a DailyKos story about a CIA torture jet which crashed with 4 TONS of cocaine onboard.

(Warning, if you follow the link be prepared for bad language. I am only posting this to show you can't believe everything you read and you need to think for yourself.)

Needless to say they are shocked and cannot figure out why the mainstream press isn't reporting the report from the Mexican authorities. My first response would be that they took a look at how it started out with a 6 tons of cocaine, then it was 4 tons, then it was 3.7 tons, then it was 3.6 tons and finally they hit 3.3 tons (or 6,600 pounds of cocaine).

That, my friends is a LOT of blow. I am genuinely concerned that

1.) Our government would allow the CIA to use federal property to move illegal drugs,
2.) That the CIA would be dumb enough to not put enough fuel into the jet to reach it's destination (causing it to crash, and finally
3.) That the CIA would load 1,144 pounds of cargo over the maximum payload limit of a Gulfstream II jet (reference Wikipedia which I know is not a know all end all source, but a Gulfstream II isn't a real large jet, and 5,456 pounds sounds pretty fair to me, but do your own research, that's my point).

I guess my point is, how many people are out there screaming and yelling about the things they read on the internet and never take five minutes to use the resources available to research things for themselves.

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Justin said...

It's the KosKids, what do you expect?