Monday, November 19, 2007

Trapped In The Potty! (Part IV Escape!)

Jenny raised a good question when she asked about what I was eating and drinking while trapped in the potty. While I was enjoying a never ending supply of cool fresh water from the top tank of the toilet (TOP TANK PEOPLE< THAT IS PRE-POTTY WATER!) I had no sustainable food supply.

With the WIFE and children being too chicken to come to may aide and COLLEGEGIRL busy translating Greek scrolls into Latin Mass, I was left to my own devices. This was also compounded by the fact my laptop battery was going dead after three days of surfing the web on the throne, I hit on an idea.

I went to Pizza Hut online and ordered a pizza for delivery (Veggie Lovers with an order of wings. Cajun, those are my favorite... sorry, I digress).

When the delivery was made... well...

I escaped at least, but at what price? At what price indeed?

Am I a bad person? Desperate situations call for desperate actions.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Totally acceptable.

Besides, look at the horribly deformed leg that delivery guy had.

You just put him out of his misery.