Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whine With My Cheese

OK, I am a little depressed and frustrated with being a Dad right now. Basically I stink at the job.

Oldest boy is so smart and has so much potential but tries so very little. He reminds me of me when I was his age. I hated Math (I hated most things I couldn't excel at which is also very similar to boy number 2) and found school boring and pointless. I had some teachers who were good who could get my interest, but a lot of them were going through the motions (it was a job and not a passion any longer). He can do so much when he tries.

Third boy is having problems in school related to Aspergers. We have told the school and told the school and met with people and the wife has called and called administrators. We are mired in a paperwork bureaucracy.

Working for a large company has taught me how the game is played. If you don't want to do something you make LOTS and LOTS of paperwork for people to go through to get something done. Then even if the paperwork gets done and you aren't doing anything, you can shuffle paper from point A to point B and make it appear as if you ARE doing something. Not to mention, the more paperwork, the better the chance for an error in the paperwork and an easy out for you.

That is where we are with Ben.

We are fighting through his meltdowns and trying to keep him going and get him caught up on his work, but he is falling further and further behind. So I think a change is in order. We are going to have to reduce some of this time on homework (don't know how yet, I'm on a roll here though, so don't bother me with details). Kid HAS to have some down time. He's not sleeping well, he works on schoolwork from the minute he gets in until bedtimes. It isn't healthy.

On a side note, my back is killing me. My life has become a circle of back pain, and painkillers trying to find relief. Fighting with the kids doesn't help.

Prayers are appreciated.


K T Cat said...

Hey, oldest boy doesn't have to play video games, watch TV or listen to his music. He can earn those with his actions. Know what I mean?

As for aspergers, man, you got my prayers. I've got a handful of problems at home, too, and all you can do is your best.

Houston said...

I'm with you KT. Oldest boy is going through some motivational stuff now (I.E. he gets to enjoy the color of the walls of his room a LOT).

Thanks for coming by.