Monday, October 08, 2007

Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name

OK, this thing scared me to death. Finally a puppy that grows before your eyes. It goes from a little puppy to a full grown dog in the space of several days.

OK, this creeps me out... A lot.

I mean, I want my puppy to be a puppy (especially if I am buying a toy). It growing up leads to it growing old which leads to...


I am not looking forward to having to explain that one to my kids. We have real pets we have to do that with. Unless...

Maybe that is what we can do with this. We can set up a way for a toy dog to teach the facts of life and death. I will call it...

"Puppy Kicks the Bucket!"

Maybe it could pop off in a variety of ways. Antifreeze, worms, explosive diarrhea. The sky's the limit.

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