Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The McLean Children

Eric Gillian McLean
Ian Grant McLean

I am writing this and will permalink it on the front until Eric finds his kids.

Eric found out in October his wife had taken the children and left the state with them. This is after she was fired from a teaching job after making inappropriate contact with a student(s). Not to mention she occasionally had one of the boys call to throw the kid's mom off that it was her. It is also after she checked herself out of a mental institution. I would also like to point out she tried to kill herself earlier this year.

But, she has custody of the kids so the cops won't do anything. even though her family is concerned and thinks she should not have the kids right now.

If you see the kids anywhere, please email me at houstonkeys(at) I will respond back and forward your information to the family for follow up. She is believed to be in California although that may not be accurate. Any information may be helpful, so please if you have a lead, let us know.

I make no bones about where I stand with Erin and Eric, but the kids come first. I do NOT think Erin has their best interest in mind.


Jenny said...

How terrible.

But even if she has custody she shouldn't be allowed to take the kids somewhere without the father knowing where the are, right? I mean, I assume he has visitation as well, doesn't he?

Jenny said...

Eek. Never mind...I just read the news story about the McLeans. Terrible all the way around.

Those poor kids.

Houston said...

I will update with links to news stories when I can so more people can be informed.

Unfortunately Erin taking the kids and leaving the state has stymied efforts of law enforcement to act at this time.

Pray for the kids that they are and remain safe.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your fine efforts to locate Eric's boys. Norm

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I really appreciate your friendship to Eric. You are a true friend. I pray for those sweet boys everyday and every chance I get everyday.