Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Dethroning Of A Hero

OK, I have been a Jason Witten fan since he was a Tight End for the University of Tennessee Volunteers (number 1 sure looked tiny on him, but I digress) and it was with great rejoicing I discovered the Cowboys picked him. I finally had a reason to root for the Cowboys (as until this point my utter contempt for Jerry Jones, Dave Campo and Rowdy fueled my hatred of the Cowboys), they now had The Big Tuna AND Jason Witten!

I have been pulled more and more toward being a cowboy fan. Over the last two years I gave in and root for them (this year I bought my first Cowboys shirt to wear at work). I planned on buying Witten's jersey and flying the old number 82, but after seeing THIS AD I don't know anymore...

Jason... PICKLE JUICE!?!

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