Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wens At Home

Well I worked from home today because the wife and i had a meeting with Ben's teacher. This is the first meeting as part of his evaluation to determine how to handle his Asperger's Syndrome.

Following advice from a friend of ours we were determined to remain positive and sympathetic to the teacher and school. REALITY IS: the teacher is set in her ways and has labeled our kid as "Bad." Unfortunately for Ben the kids in his class has picked up on that.

The meeting began well enough with Ben's teacher meeting us in the principal's office. We discussed how much trouble she has in class with him. We in turn discussed how we work at home with him (praying the whole time they would have the good sense to admit they don't know what they are dealing with).

They didn't.

We have a school who doesn't understand how he thinks and is so mired in following procedure they will be doing paperwork until the end of time if we don't keep gently pushing them along.


EDIT -------

Due to a possible misunderstanding I am removing the poor joke I made yesterday. I want it to be perfectly clear, I do NOT think the teacher is bad, just uninformed.

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