Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Moment In Time

Jenny threw out a good idea. Her thought was how she is affected by such random things in photographs and how they make her feel. She sugegsted we send her our pictures and stories.

Here is mine:

This is my baby girl Sadie. She is the youngest of five kids and a sweet little girl. She always has a smile for me and is a snuggle bunny.

I thought I would always have my hairy legged boys (who I love) but when I got little girls I thought my heart would melt. This picture was taken by me with her asleep on my belly. As I have grown older I have learned to appreciate the little moments, a tiny hand holding mine, reading a book, talking about military tactics (that's with Christopher) and smelling little girl hair while they sit in my lap.

My wife has given me the thing I treasure most, all our children. Thank you Jen.


nikki said...

I LOVE this picture. It is so sweet. I have a couple like that from my son that I will treasure always.

Momish said...

This is an amazing picture! True art!