Thursday, September 27, 2007

Maybe It's Just Me

OK, let me try to put this in a way a layperson can understand. For this scenario I am a mechanic and you are an operator of a car.

You bring your car to me and tell me it keeps running off the road. You are driving along great and suddenly, BLAMMO! the driver side front wheel flies off and the car runs out of control into the median!

You get out find the wheel and put it back on the car and drive the car to me.

Wow! I say. This is crazy, the wheel flew off? So I take a look and realize that on the driver's side front wheel there are NO LUG NUTS!

I tell you, oh man, here is your problem. You do not have any lug nuts on that front wheel. You should get some and put on there.

You say OK, you think you have some laying around and you'll do that. We then go our separate ways.

You call me a month later and tell me the same thing happened BLAMMO the Wheel flew off again causing you to lose control and your wife is pretty P.O.'d at you because you didn't fix the car.

Wow! I am amazed this happened again. You then point out that you still do not have lug nuts on the front wheel.

I tell you then your wheel will continue to come off. Why haven't you fixed it? You tell me something about your car being old and you don't have any spare ones and they don't make any of the old ones any more.

I tell you to get a new car or find someone who sells the old lug nuts.

We go our separate ways, but every time you wheel flies off you call me to ask what you should do.

Is this justifiable homicide?

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