Tuesday, September 18, 2007


YOu know, I usually try to do productive things at my desk during lunchtime. One thing I often do is catch up on my news blogs or work on my church's webpage.

I am a little frustrated though, because regardless of if I am stuffing food in my mouth, working on something or whatever, everyone comes over and starts barraging me with questions.

Today it was one of the supervisors here at work. He brings over one of his other guys, asks me, "What PBX is extension 1990 in in this network?" I modem in and tell him 1990 doesn't exist. He then calls the engineer from his group, draws the whole thing out on my whiteboard while I have to get the call flow information.

Nice lunch huh?

Wonder what time HE is going to lunch. I think I'll be calling him. Better yet, I'll call him tonight at 4:00 AM and ask him if he's awake.

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