Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jeeze Sorry Folks

OK folks. Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I have been shipped out of town to fix a problem which appears to be beyond my control. Sadly it is not fixed and my engineering above me is taking their sweet time.

So I am back in Dallas now. On call. Of course I was called first thing this morning by a guy with a system down (one we don't make anymore). The first time he calls he doesn't have power. The second time he has power, but his switch keeps crashing (I got him stabilized and said "You've got some bad cards you will have to work to find". The third time the switch is periodically crashing and he is trying to track down the alarms (power alarms for the bad cards).


But anyway. I'm bad. My Vols lost the season opener. All in all, I am generally annoyed.

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