Friday, September 28, 2007

The Genius of I.T.

Well IT blocked our Meebo access so we all have to use the IM client of our choice and allow the company to monitor our conversations. I wouldn't mind BUT they can't get the monitoring right, so it is pretty much up to God's grace to get you logged in.

Googletalk doesn't work
Pidgin doesn't work

I finally gave up and went back to Yahoo Messenger to discover they also blocked our access to so we couldn't even download the client. I had a buddy outside the wall send it to me. I then had to undock and work, then redock my laptop and...

I can't log in to Yahoo.

So not only have we been effectively blocked from defrauding the company, but we also cannot communicate between ourselves for support. Very effective.

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Jenny said...

I shouldn't laugh but I can totally am.

It's so the sort of thing that happens at my company.