Monday, September 17, 2007

Four Letter Words

OK. I am admittedly childish and have a love of potty humor, but I try very hard to keep this blog relatively clean. I want it to be something funny, without having to resort to filth to be so. My kids, wife, friends (some from church) read it and I am proud of it because for the most part I succeed.

Sally Field is in the news because people are making a big deal out of her being censored during the Emmy's. Me personally I couldn't care less. If you cannot string together a coherent though process without taking God's name in vain or dropping an F Bomb on TV, then you need to be censored (by the way, this isn't like Fox is censoring her free speech, you can't say that even if you are Ann Coulter).

Part of the reason I cannot listen to the left is because so much of what they do is personal attacks (yes I know Ann Coulter does that too, how many others do?), foul language and surface arguments (meaning they make sense until you sit down and think about them for an hour or so). Ease up on the emotion and think logically. Listen to something other than everyone spewing what you agree with. That is what I did and I was CONVERTED from a hardcore Democrat to a conservative. I couldn't argue with the logic.

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