Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ear Hair

Like eyebrow hair, as men grow older ear hair grows longer, thicker and more prevalent. Since ear hair is used to help keep bugs out of our ears, does this mean we should fear larger bugs as we grow older?


Jenny said...

I've heard that your ears get bigger as you age so technically bigger bugs could potentially fit in there.

About 10 years ago my grampa went to the doctor to get his ears cleaned and they found a whole fly in it. He says he remembered a fly flying in there in the 60's. It had been perfectly preserved by the ear wax.

Why am I telling you this disgusting story? No idea. I blame the mono.

Houston said...


I think it is the Parvo talking myself.

Of course, what do I know?

Glad to see you out and about (so to speak) again.